Group Show
Galleri Slatten
Malmö, SE

Foto: Elin Aldén

We ask ourselves the question; what happens to humanity when art is isolated in cyberspace?
Who are our gods, what counts and where does it breathe?
The group exhibition featured 24 artists and designers working in Malmö, Berlin, Barcelona, Bottna, Copenhagen, Leipzig, Gothenburg, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki. The exhibition contained a broad constellation of varying expressions, techniques and materials. Historical and mythological references, memory fragments, potential futures, forgotten craft methods and industrial processes were united and together they refleced moments of our time.

Participating artists:

Andrea Gómez, Casia Bromberg, Widianne X, Paula Duvå, Isabelle Nilsson, Hilda Kahra, Liva Wraae Roth, Jasmine Christensson, Kajsa Lisa Räni, Vilde Blom, Kristin Jonsson, Hanna Antonsson, Leonela Lilja, Ebba Lindgren, Tilda Kjerrulf Björnberg, Ba Bladh , Emilie Voirin, Hilda Hildoria Larsson, Kajsa Håkansson Bolve, Nanna Dalunde, Ajami Solros, Susanne Roewer, Natacha Martins, Ylva Oknelid