Each print 70 x 100 cms

One of the things that shocked me in a sublime way when I started to work with letterpress was that the representation of the empty spaces between words and paragraphs printed on paper with this technique mean the existence of cabinets with hundreds of led pieces, with its weigh and its materiality meant to be representing empty spaces between words. So in this project my attempt was to make visible the empty spaces that held the typographic composition together, hacking the technique, elevating what is invisible so the ink could touch it and therefore be printed.

The word zero comes from the Arabic word for nothing, sifr, which is itself a mistranslation of ūnya, the Sanskrit word for "empty". In contemporary Arabic sifr means both "zero" and "nothing".  Sifr is also the origin of cipher and naturally enough decipher.

SIFR is a co-edition with Arte Dos Gráfico.
Made posible with the knowledge of typographer Hector Céspedes

The piece consists of 3 variations of 3 typographic compositions. (9 prints)

Limited edition of 20.