Solo exhibition           


During 2015 I was exploring the nature of digital scenarios like Second Life*, my quest was to visit the forgotten landscapes, the places no one seemed to visit, reach its topographic limits, reach literally the end of the world

On the way I found no one, but once in a while i got to see some easter eggs. A ladder that came out of the sea and got you directly to the clouds. Highways that ended up in a straight cut meeting the ocean. A tree planted underwater. 

I made a video that compiled a series of captures of this walks throughout Second Life. The soundtrack for this video was recorded and imporvised in front of the video projection and a 50 people audience, in collaboration with Black Baltic (drums, guitars, voices, synths).

Here you can see the video and listen to the live improvisation.

The exhibition Periferia Blend at Homesession officially launched a limited edition of a vinyl featuring the result of the sound improvisation on side A and on side B some field recordings of the sound a walk on sand, stones and pavement. The vinyl was the epicenter of a second action/mash-up featuring dj Troya Modet blending side A and side B of the reccord and thus producing a new soundrack for the video.

*Second Life (abbreviated as SL) is a metaverse launched in june 2003, developed by Linden Lab, which is freely accessible from the Internet. Its users, known as “residents” can access SL using one of several interface programs called viewers (viewers), which allow them to interact with each other and explore the landscape and scenarios through an avatar.