Limited editions of printed fabrics and ceramic vases.

“We are life; the most exquisite condensations of sentient matter/energy in the universe. While most of the cosmic substance is dark; we shine. Unstable and theatrical, we are temporary bodies, existing as whirlpools, transformers and shape-shifters in relation to our surroundings. Although the physical effects of the living matter we’re made from seem inconsequential, when compared with the material events that constitute our expanding cosmos, our rare experiences confer a quality of ‘being’ that is unique. It is neither a perceptual position, nor a question of material performance, but a value-loaded, unfathomably complex choreography of events, states of existence and encounters, from which we can never fully disentangle ourselves. An inescapably subjective experience, the denitions of life lie beyond the reach of the tools of science to fully rationalise, or explain. Despite our yearning to ‘solve’ these riddles, life continues to surprise us.”
“Liquid Life: On Non-Linear Materiality”  Rachel Armstrong 

Ceramics in colaboration with Julieta Dentone / Fotos Violeta Mayoral / Models Laia Agzaou · Marcela Rodriguez

Serie de jarrones en colaboración con Pere Llobera.